Why Invest in Graphic Design?

It makes commercial sense.

We could have chosen to show a big picture of a mighty oak tree and the symbolism of a tiny little acorn. Or we could have written some really lovely things, using fluffy words and clever language. There’s a good chance that would have persuaded you that design is worth investing in. But no. There’s a good reason why you should invest in design and it’s measured in one thing. Cold. Hard. Cash.

The Design Council conducted a national survey of firms and identified those where the use of design had made a direct impact on a number of measures, such as competitiveness, market share and turnover. They called these businesses ‘design alert’ and here’s what they found…

Almost half of all businesses believe that, over the past decade, design has become more important in helping them maintain a competitive edge.

Businesses that see design as integral don’t need to compete on price as much as others. Where design is integral, less than half of businesses compete mainly on price, compared to two thirds of those who don’t use design.


Who Do We Design For?

People just like you.
Our clients come from all over the place. Some are big, some are small, some are ‘extra-medium’. We work with a diverse range of businesses, charities, not-for-profit organizations and individuals. They’ve all got one thing in common. They all have a need – a need to promote an event, an activity or simply themselves. And we help them. See what they say about us.

You’re reading this because we’d like to work with you. You fit our profile. We could make beautiful design together. So what do you say? How about it?

How Much Does Design Cost?

There’s really two questions here.
The first: how much does BAD design cost? The answer is sadly, an awful lot. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. People judge you. If you present yourself well, they’ll trust you. If your marketing looks amateur, you’ll turn them off. They’ll make an instant impression of what you’re like to do business with.

In this economic climate, we all need to make sure we’re not missing out on valuable opportunities, just because we’re putting potential customers off.

The second question: how much does GOOD design cost? That’s a lot more straightforward. Our main print shop is packed with loads of fixed price printing deals. Find the item you’re interested in and get in touch to chat through the options.

What Could We Do For You?

Whatever you’d like us to.
Some clients send us their artwork files ready to be checked. Others are happy to write their own copy and organize their own photography and just send us all the bits electronically and we assemble them, following their detailed design brief.

Some clients have been using the same marketing material for years… and getting the same results. They ask us to take a fresh look at what they’re doing and suggest improvements.

Get in touch if you want to discuss your next project or check out our dedicated page on Graphic Design solutions for businesses. 


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